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Drifting through space, on the edge of no tomorrow sits mankind’s last and greatest city - BONSAI. Housing a zillion and a half souls, the city is threatened from without (alien warlords, grey goo, interdimensional incursions, etc.) and within (exploitation, oppression, system failure, etc.). As the ZOKU, the city’s freelance guardians, you patrol the skylanes clad in hardlight armor and fight to prolong the future.

You’re a sentai of holo-armored space ninjas tackling the Syssiphisian task of defending a humongous arkship that has no destination. Whether that means fighting an alien invasion, handing out vigilante justice, or holding a bake sale.

The citizens of BONSAI fall into four broad categories:
CRISPY - After millennia of compulsive gene editing the CRISPies are on the knife's edge of post-humanity. Build a race using Savage Worlds Deluxe no abilities worth more than +1.
Baseline - Normal people with minimal genetic tampering. +1 Edge.
Robotnik - Machines built to serve, their sentience and it’s relevancy are often debated. Hardy but Outsider.
Endling - Alien refugees, often the last of their kind. Build an alien using Savage Rifts. Be weird.

Use Sean Bircher's 5 Man Band roles. Found here.

Hardlight Armor - The customizable uniform of the Zoku grants Heavy Armor 4, environmental protection, and low light vision. The armor shuts down if you’re Wounded by a Heavy weapon. Make a Repair check at -2 to get the system up and running in combat.

No Strings- In BONSAI’s reduced gravity you can leap 7 yards horizontal and 2 yards vertical with ease. With a successful Strength roll you can add your Pace die.

Space Ninja Technique - Reduce the required traits for combat edges by 1 die type. Also each sentai member gets one of the following powers at a d8:
quickness, deflection, smite, entangle, boost/lower trait, bolt, speed, shapechange, summon ally
These require an activation roll.  Jutsu style hand motions grant a +1 to activate. On a raise you get the Mega version. These are just examples, if you wanted a buster cannon then bolt would be an appropriate power.

S // The highest rank
A //
B //
C //
F // The lowest rank< You start here
The higher your rank the more favor you can pull from those below you.
BONSAI contains countless Districts, they mostly exist to provide some cool set pieces. Also Campaign Rules change based on the District. Some examples below with keywords.
Zigguraut - Temple of Government + Escher staircase pyramids.
Torii - Samurai + Lightcycles. Blood & Guts
Spaghetti Junction - Wild West + Forking. All guns have +2 ROF
Axolotl - Mesoamerica + Waterworld.
Red Velvet - Beyonce's Antebellum. Social Tricks can cause Wounds on a double Shaken result.
Perhonen - Fragile + Sharp + Tron. Everything here explodes in razor edged polygons. Large blast template when you miss, 2d8 damage.
Palace of the Dogs - Asylum
Kamehameha - World turtle + Jellyfish,
Cagliostro - Gankutsuo + Old World Opulence
Courthouse -
Zenosyne - Acceleration +
Pixel - 16-bit + Scott Pilgrim
Niffleheim -
Gun Barrel -

Afterlife -

Enki Collective - Lingual hackers. Urge the destruction of the Zigguraut District.
Mammon Cabal - Stock brokers and soul traders. Quietly advocate mass upload of the population.
Great Divide - Spin doctors and access merchants. Divide and conquer while reaping rewards.
Can Openers - Anti-Robotnik militants. Feel Lowborn labor is being replaced by tireless servitors.
Also there’s rival sentais within the ZOKU
Heart Machine - Swarms of nano machines that seek to reconstruct their eons dead space god.
Uluru - Temporal evacuees from the war that destroyed Earth.  Seek to colonize BONSAI.
The Thin Man - Monofilament rubber band alien cat burglar. Seeks a treasure hidden in the depths of BONSAI
REPO - robot lawyers representing alien intelligences that claim controlling interest of BONSAI.

Gatchaman, Transistor, Gatchaman Crowds, Janelle Monae's Archandroid Suite, K, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Karnak: The Flaw In All Things, Metropolis, Karl Schroeder's Lady of Mazes, Summer Wars, Outkast’s Stankonia, Hanu R.'s Quantum Thief, Charles Stross' Scratch Monkey, Anonymous420's CORNER DOT, Pluto: Urasawa X Tezuka,

Friday, September 22, 2017

Furred Folk of Whisper

Few Folk have it as rough as Reynard's get. Foxes largely fled to Whisper & the Open Road rather than continue barring the brunt of grief stricken rage. Their kits are taken in the Tithe too, but that gets missed in the outrage. In Whisper the Redtails made themselves useful to House Maugrim and received protection. That arrangement ended with the Prophet's rise and the Foxes are once more without shelter.

Sly Like a Fox - Always looking out for #1, Foxes start with a d6 Smarts, rather than a d4.
Fast on Their Feet - Redtails keep their heads on a swivel and start with the Combat Reflexes Edge.
Universally Hated - Sharing fur with the Mad King is a recipe for woe. Foxes have the Enemy (Major) Hindrance that crops up at the worst time.

The founding Folk of Whisper, they built the holdfast from the bones of the Red Rock Cult's worship sites and suppressed the Cult under the guidance of Saint Magna. Following her example they constructed a refuge of culture from the blighted moors. Until Magna Maugrim returned from Far Away, proclaiming a second coming of the Red Rock gods. She then salted old wounds and dismantled her namesake's handiwork. The Wolves are now in their "rightful" place, at the top of the food chain.

Cold as Ice - Wolves start with the Nerves of Steel Edge, regardless of requirements.
What Big Teeth - Wolves have a natural bite attack of Str + d6
Everyone's a Meal - Wolves suffer a -4 Charisma when dealing with prey Folk. And Cats.

Unified with the Wolves under St. Magna's vision, the Northern Beavers transitioned from sacrificial meals to Whisper's true architects. With the recent upheaval, all their gains have been lost. Many families are discreetly shoving off down the waterways in search of new homes. Some, like the McAvows, have stayed put and resist the Prophet's machinations.

Come From the Water - Beavers are semi-aquatic and can hold their breath for 15 minutes before worrying about drowning. 
Pulling for You- Beavers start with the Common Bond Edge, regardless of requirements.
Irrepressible Gossips - Big teeth = big mouths. Beavers can't keep the news to themselves. They start with the Big Mouth Hindrance

The bane of the Open Road, the Wild Sounders roam, root and rut wherever they like. Only the threat of Reynard's attention causes them to step lightly. Too much ruckus and the Fox King's war bands will pour out of Borchardbriar and raid their litters.

Truffle Hunter - With their sensitive noses, Hogs get a +2 to Notice with their sense of smell.

Thick, Bristly Hide and Temperament to Match -Hogs are Hardy, a second Shaken result does not cause a wound.
Pig on Roller Skates - Most Hogs are born with 2 left trotters, it costs 2 points to advance Agility during character creation.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Whisper: Places and Faces

 Residents like to joke that if Autumn's entropy poisoned the North, you couldn't tell the difference. Only the most truculent Folk brave the dismal moors. Their pugnacious bravado conceals fear that the world has left them behind, a weakness the Prophet has exploited.  Whisper's prodigal daughter, she appealled to that unspoken terror and has struck a secret deal to resurrect the Red Rock Cult, a brutal sect of Tooth & Claw. The nihilistic faith that pre-dates Thumb & Fist, dictating Folks' place as predator and prey. An orthodoxy that bars hope and building for the future. Increasingly attacked by raiders from the Frozen Baronies to the Far North, the Prophet and her inner circle wonder is they should be taking the tithe. Rather than the Old Fox down in Borchardbriar.

Places of Interest in Whisper

The Gray Shard - A tall, granite menhir whose base is stained with blood from sacrifices in the distant path. Here the Prophet and her cohort preach their sermons.

Red's Rest - A road house and hunting lodge south of Whisper. Red, the Fox proprietor, does what he can to warn visitors about the dangers of Whisper.

The Leaky Moon Distillery - Whisper is the only holdfast that allows the legal sale and consumption of snakebite, a distilled liquor made from malted grain. The Leaky Moon is foremost among the local distilleries but they stymie would-be bootleggers by only releasing in small, numbered batches,

High Table - Another worship site from the bad old days. Before the Prophet's ascendance it was the meeting place of city leaders, the First & Equals. Since then, some of the Prophet's zealots have taken to ritual scarification and bloodletting.

Hammer & Tongs - A large smithy in the heart of downtown Whisper, demand outstrips supply considering pressure from the Far North. It also doesn't help that the roads are thick with bandits.

Maugrim Manor - Falling into disrepair, the Prophet's ancestral manse holds bitter memories and her decrepit father. 

Saltbite Keep - A watch tower on a desolate island to the North, the first line of detection against raiders from the Baronies. The Folk stationed here often want to disappear, or have a death wish.

Beasts of Interest

Hadrian - The captain of Saltbite Keep. He keeps the faith of Thumb & Fist alive out on his lonely rock. Because none of his soldiers are as strong as all of his soldiers.

Lady Windstone - A captured raider from the Frozen North, she claims to be a Jarl with 200 axes pledged to her. In deference to her vaunted title, she's kept in a decent room and the Prophet is trying to ransom her.

Raymond & Dawn McAvow - These Beaver politicos are on the outs since the Prophet took over. Once among the First & Equals, they now seek to parley their previous status into something over in the the Vault.

Fyodor - This Sphynx travelled to Whisper all the way from Clowdertown to sit at the Prophet's feet. He's now poised to become her right paw.

Maeve - Most snakebite distilleries follow the Leaky Moon's example. This erstwhile bootlegger figures she needs to destroy the Leaky Moon as an example in order to get the others to sell to her.

Ignatius -Easily overlooked, this Wolf archivist maintains the oldest depository of knowledge in the Land. He seeks a successor to care for the books once he's gone.

Next up - Furred Wolk of Whisper - Wolves, Beavers, and Bears! Oh my!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Furred Folk of the Vault

Quick footed and clannish, the Hares of Sunset Hills often clashed with the Ironwood Clans in the past. After the Accord, they're combined efforts created the greatest holdfast in the Land. Since then, their great numbers have gone from an asset to a liability and the Senate of Sky and Soil exclusively sent Hares and Squirrels to Borchardbriar. Though public unrest turned over governing assemblies. The founding families retain their grip on power in the new Committee.

Long Feet - Hares have +2 Pace and increase their Running die one die type. They also jump twice the normal distance.
Long Ears - Their big ears give +2 to Notice checks with hearing.
Hearts on Their Noses - With floppy ears and constantly twitching noses, Hares haven't got a poker face. They suffer a -2 to deceive others.

Quick to fight and slow to back down, the former Ironwood Clans grasp at traditions long
past before it all slips through their fingers. Visitors flock to the Vault each year for the Battle of Red Branch, when all eligible young Squirrels fight a vicious "King of the Hill" in the boughs of Last Tree. The winner is exempt from the Tithe.

Born Battling in the Boughs - Squirrels start with Fighting at d6, they double the normal jumping distance and can walk on vertical surfaces at normal pace.
All in the Reflexes - +1 Parry
Higher Than Honor- The former Clans hold to a high standard of personal behavior. They start with the Code of Honor hindrance and a tendency to start duels.
Short Attention Span - Squirrels have a hard time focusing. They suffer -1 on Smarts rolls.
Known for hospitality and high spirits, Hedgehogs are welcome anywhere. Which is good because they can be found anywhere. It's traditional that upon reaching age of majority, troupes of pricklepigs venture out into the world and fully experience it for themselves. Some love the places they visit so much that they stay, and home becomes a distant memory.

Well Traveled - Hedgehogs start with a free Novice Edge of their choice, all requirements are reduced by 1.
Defensive Curl - With a back full of spines and enough body mass to protect their vital organs, Hedgehogs have +1 Toughness However they lose this trait if they wear ill-fitted armor. See below.
Awkward Shape - Hedgehogs have an odd shape. Armor needs to be custom designed and fitted. Doubling the purchase and repair prices. You may opt not to, but you lose access to the Defensive Curl trait.

Where there's water, there's Otters. Born to the river and in love with the sea, they work hard and play harder. Organized into clan-like crews, they fish and revel with no-holds-barred. It's a point of pride amongst the Riverfolk that none of their number have gone to the tottering castle at the heart of the Land.

Play Rough- Otters have +1 Reach and the Dirty Fighter Edge.
Riverborn - Otters have a swimming Pace is equal to their normal Pace.
Never Back Down - Otters start with either the Heroic or Overconfident Hindrances.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Vault: Places and Faces

Out in the Sunset Hills of the Land's west coast stands her largest city: the Vault. Built upon, around, and beneath gargantuan ironwood tree stumps, the city was founded after a peace accord was struck between warring clans of Hares and Squirrels. The Accord states that anybeast may find safe harbor in the Vault. That promise draws Folk from the farthest corners of the Land and beyond, and they bring their culture with them. Whether it's Manykings curry, Clowdertown anchovies, Blackheart coffee, Burning Land textiles, or steelwork from the Frozen Baronies, you can find it in the myriad stalls & markets of the Vault.

That individual freedom comes at a cost, the Vault is a democracy and the only Folk with votes belong to one of the two political parties: the Long-Ears and the Long-Tails. Originally legacy associations of the city's founding families. They parties have a love-hate relationship among themselves but presents a united front against interlopers. And that's all immigrating Folk are: outsiders and interlopers.

Municipal policy follows this outlook with curfews and segregation. Divided into three districts: Uptown, Middleground, and Downtown, most of the Vault's populace are relegated to Middleground. Hares and Squirrels are the only ones allowed in Downtown and Uptown respectively, after curfew.Similarly, the city guard often handles party members with a patience and care foreign to Middlegrounders. Riots over food shortages cause a popular coup, replacing the Senate of Sky and Soil with the Public Safety Committee. Though the assembly's changed its name, the game stays the same.

Places of Interest in The Vault

The Accord Memorial - An overlooked shrine to Thumb & Fist. The lone caretaker, Lochlain, isn't long for this world.

Saffron Point - The premier spice shop in the city. Saffron, the shop's Pangolin owner, aspires to join the Long-Tails. Her shop is on a ramp leading to Uptown. Prime real estate. For an Middlegrounder.

Thumper's - Though herbivorous, a surprising number of hares enjoy the spectacle of combat and Thumper attracts top shelf talent. Located in the Middleground you can often find Long-Ear party members slumming among the crowds.

Deeproot Hall - Built from petrified ironwood, the oldest structure in Downtown embodies the Vaulters' commitment to clan and community above all. Here the Senate of Sky and Soil once convened to make hard decisions. Including whose young are sent to Borchardbriar.

This Old Chestnut - This Uptown pub is the personal stomping ground of Setanta Half-Tail, a Squirrel mobster long in the tooth and short on patience.

Allbright Books - A tiny bookshop tucked away in a far corner of Downtown. Its stacks and shelves host myriad secret meetings and cabals masquerading as "book clubs."

Beasts of Interest

Lochlain -  An elderly Squirrel monk, he claims to remember the Accord.

Benedict Barkstripe - The disgraced Ironlord-turned-stevedore-boss won't discuss his past. These days he's focused on organizing the Middlegrounders into a new party - the Snub-Tails.

Loyola - Benedict's right hand Hare, she's a true believer in his dream. Too bad her father, Senator Cohen, doesn't share her convictions.

Z. Allbright - She isn't the original "Ms. Albreicht" - she's a pirate from the Blackheart Isles laying low. Ever since she double crossed her crew, a mysterious black spot has appeared on her paw..

Curren - A touring musician from the northern holdfast, Whisper. His songs have a rabble-rousing aspect to them. Making him popular with Middlegrounders and rebellious youngsters from Uptown.

Thumper - This grizzled kick boxer defends what's his. A stance that's put him on a collision course with Tagger, a Squirrel looking to corner the market in combat spectacles.

Farrell - Ambitious Squirrel enforcer, sees his way to the top goes through Setanta Half-Tail. But first he needs to rustle up some cash.

Nadine & the Shakes - A Cat & Roden musical duo, their repertoire largely consists of old folk music. Their ballads often invoke the Forgotten 3 and are often accompanied by spooky events.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Furred Folk of Stonebones

Great in girth and stature, the great lords of Stonebones all belong to different clans, each holding a Book of Sacred Grudges. Ascending to the Iron Council requires erasing a grudge with the perpetrator's blood.

Big Boned- Start with a d8 in Strength and can raie it to a d12+1. Also the Brawny Edge if their Vigor qualifies.
Rival - Every clan has bad blood with someone.  Ever Badger has the Enemy Hindrance (Major).
Sluggish - Badger can be a bit slow, trusting in their mass to prevent injury. -1 Parry

Before the Badgers came and Stonebones was even a city, the Moles burrowed through the Eastmarches. Their shallower tunnels were used by the Ironlors before the strip mining began in earnest. Mole darkseers fear the Pits may release sightless horrors if they go too deep.

Burrowing - Moles can burrow through loose  earth and move through it at half Pace
Claws - A Mole's heavy claws keep him from counting as unarmed. They also deal Str+d6 with AP 2.
Bad Eyes - Moles suffer a -2 on any Trait roll to Shoot or Notice something further than 5' away.
Whether they're Rats or Mice is an internal division, to everyone else they're Roden. Small, quick and always on edge, they've found a niche in Stonebones operating the foundries and furnaces. A dangerous place for any Beast, but there will always be more Roden.

Everybody's Punching Bag - Constant. Vigiliance. Sums up the Rodens' life. They start with the Danger Sense and the Quick edges.
Small - Roden just run short. -1 Toughness.